BSL Security has developed since 1990 a specific expertise in the following industries :


BSL Security handles guarding, surveillance and fire protection of headquarters of French and international companies.
To meet clients’ expectations, BSL security establishes first a risk assessment audit to evaluate precisely the requested actions and then implements the security plan. The objective is two-fold: secure the site and optimize the allocated budget.
BSL Security provides global protection of corporate offices, staff and parking lots through security teams responsible for surveillance and fire safety as mandated in France for buildings over a certain size.
Our security company also provides a wide range of remote surveillance, patrolling and intervention services in addition to a dedicated team to ensure an optimal protection of the premises.

BSL Security is the preferred security provider of leading French companies managing public and private parkings, properties, industrial sites, offices or even buildings with tenants. We secure these sites with remote surveillance systems, secured access control and video protection and supply services such as fire safety, surveillance, dog handlers, patrolling, emergency and alarm response.

The security agents handle the following tasks :

– Access control Security screening for visitors, external companies etc.
– Management of access badges and companies’ keys
– Patrolling Management of fire safety systems and alarms
– Outlining and applying security measures to respect the confidentiality of the site, the premises, company information etc.
– Video surveillance through our remote surveillance center
– Securing the company vehicle fleet

BSL Security specializes in providing security services for luxury retail and handling both the internal and external risks related to the store. We leverage our knowledge of loss prevention, security processes and luxury industry experience to devise and develop a customized plan for each client. Our teams are fully responsible for the security of the stores and expertly balance the luxury customer experience with the security of customers and staff, allowing the owner to concentrate solely on sales. We have a high standard level of recruiting and education and invest constantly in our agents’ training, professionalism and luxury attitude to give an impeccable image of our clients’ brand.

Our security agents handle the tasks below :

• Floor walking for theft prevention
• Ensuring compliance with security measures
• Supervise customer flow according to store spaces and safety instructions
• Ensure smooth functioning of fire detection and anti-theft systems
• Communicate with the sales teams
• Observe clients with a nervous or strange behavior
• Implement a strategy to anticipate risks
• Hold a security logbook detailing the daily activities and safety rules that need to be respected

Leading luxury hotels enjoy a reputation of giving their guests an exceptional quality of service with attention to the smallest details and a feeling of security and peace of mind upon arrival to the hotel. There is a wide range of safety risks to manage and the security teams need to handle real safety risks such as physical assaults, theft from the hotel room or stolen luggage while securing and protecting the building. BSL Sécurité specializes in security services for luxury hotels in France and has over 15 years of experience securing hotels.

The security and safety issues in hotels are very complex because they need to take into consideration many criteria simultaneously such as the type of hotel, its location within the city, the nature of customers flocking to the hotel and peak times such as Cannes Festival or the presence of senior officials that require liaising with their own security personnel or with the authorities. BSL Sécurité teams are trained to handle all these situations while giving guests a feeling of security and maintaining the peaceful and luxury atmosphere of these hotels.

Stores, shopping centers and showrooms are highly public places and are characterized by large crowds of customers and an infrastructure which can lead to shoplifting. BSL Security provides specific security services for the retail industry that include static security coupled with CCTV and mobile security patrol solutions. Our specialized security agents handle the security of these sites by controlling access to the sales area and by monitoring customers’ and employees’ behavior to prevent theft and vandalism. They also control access to payment terminals.

Our agents are trained to face all sorts of situations such as technical or fire alarms, burglaries, emergencies or technical problems. At the end of their mission, they also patrol the whole sales area to make sure it is secure and ready for the next day.

BSL Security creates a secure environment for logistics centers, distribution channels, port facilities and public transportation (subway, trains and buses). Services for logistics and distribution centers focus on protecting the security and integrity of customers’ goods and are usually supported by a security audit that aims to identify all breaches along the chain.

 Our solutions also include remote video-surveillance and access control. Our public transportation customers benefit from highly trained personnel that handles patrolling (with or without dogs), physical search and access control.

BSL Sécurité is the privileged security provider of many companies that manage public and private car parks, office-based properties, commercial sites and buildings that are free of users or occupied.

These sites are in the majority of situations equipped with remote monitoring, secure access control and video-protection. BSL Security intervenes through security benefits Fire, classic or canine surveillance, mobile security patrols and intervention alarms.

Industrial or manufacturing sites usually hold complex configurations, harsh environments and dangerous materials and have very specific requirements.
The security solutions deployed for these sites need to protect the equipment, the materials and the staff.

 BSL Security provides comprehensive security solutions taking into consideration the challenges and constraints of the industrial sites.

 The services include access control, video-surveillance, patrolling with our without dog-handlers, assistance to people, physical intrusion and inventory control, key management and enhanced access control of sensitive areas.

Public offices require specific security services to comply with legal regulations applicable to public safety. BSL Security is the privileged security provider of several public institutions. Our teams handle the surveillance, guarding and protection of both staff and sites.

We are responsible for a full range of public safety services including risk prevention, fire emergencies, guarding, access control, surveillance, remote surveillance and responding to all other incidents requiring emergency assistance.

Hospitals are a challenge because they need to secure the facility, medical equipment, but also health workers, patients and visitors. We first carry out an audit to develop the fire safety and protection plan and the means to be put in place and the appropriate technologies. Our hospital-based safety officers receive high-quality, client-centered training to meet the specific needs of each hospital based on size and geographic location.

They assume all safety missions, rounds, checking of fire equipment, compliance with safety and fire regulations and they intervene immediately in case of fire or risk of fire or in case of emergency plan. We also provide our customers with 24/7 security operational centers to deal with all emergencies.

BSL Security is an expert in event security and offers an array of services to keep control of the event, and make sure it runs smoothly. The services include surveillance and security agents, fire-safety officers and hospitality staff all trained for crowd control and conflict management techniques (screening and access control, body search, metal detection). These teams ensure the safety of the events while maintaining the atmosphere of the event and respecting our customer’s brand image.

 Our services also include site and equipment surveillance for events or exhibitions taking place throughout a few days. We also act as the preferred security provider for communication companies organizing fashion shows, congresses, festivals and concerts.

Thifany hostesses bring elegance, professionalism and luxury manners to your brand and your corporate, private or promotional functions. The hostesses are in charge of greeting guests, promoting customers’ brands and providing a service of excellence in addition to our security teams. We guarantee the professionalism, the elegance and luxury attitude of our staff to offer an impeccable image of your brand and events. Thifany hostesses take care of Visitor reception and corporate events’ services Large events hospitality VIP hospitality for prestige events Sales and promotion services for promotional events.

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