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The Access Control Officer limit access to zones reserved for authorised individuals only. He carries out his mission at the entrance of the zone, for example, the entrance of a parking lot, of an office building, of a warehouse, of a protected zone. Visitor identity checks can be done in a variety of ways, depending on the type of site to be monitored. The access control officer ensures the analysis of the information given by the control apparatuses, including in particular the interpretation of alarms transmitted by these apparatuses.
He shall, where appropriate, proceed to the waiver of doubt in accordance with established procedures and instructions, with due respect for public freedoms.

Its missions consist in :

– Interpret the information given by the control devices.
– Carry out the check of concordance between the object and its conveyor.
– Carry out or have carried out the lifting of doubt in accordance with instructions and with respect for public freedoms.
– Alert the competent services when the required intervention exceeds its prerogatives.

The traditional Visitor identity checks are :

  • Presenting a badge or a magnetic card.
  • Presentation of ID piece or the number of a car plate in the case of a parking.

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