Armament of security officers: Lethal and non-Lethal reinforcement to control

As surprising as it may seem, this piece of information, that would have, a few years back, had the effect of a bomb, has passed handily! In one of their last legal texts, the last government of the past President, managed to pass these legal texts opening the way to the armament of private security officers! Sure, under strict conditions, but which makes it possible to consider, in 2018, following the issuing of implementation decrees, specialized companies hiring “exclusive” officers, having the “armament” professional card.

If employer organisations have been careful so far…. Alain Bauer, Chairman of the CNAPS, has indeed been the first to announce the beginning of these “major works”, the day after the attack of November 15th, 2015. More than just handgun weapons, that will be restricted to specialized companied, and so supervised that hardly profitable, it proves how civil society falls back on private security companies for general safety.

Armement-agent-de-securiteTonfa and other types of baton, as well as self-defence bombs soon to be authorized

 To the point that the past National Assembly, fearing no taboo and without even reference to professionals, has gone even further allowing – on top of strictly supervised lethal-arming – private security officers to defend and protect themselves. When so far, they were only allowed self-defence just like any other citizens! Tonfa and other types of batons as well as self-defence bombs will therefore soon appear.

There has been an acceleration, to say the least, and serious professionals know how much training and expertise this would demand. And financiers as well as clients know that training means budget, when the profession is complaining not to be able to fund the mandatory upgrade of the professional card… we can only fear the worst.

> More than never, it will be mandatory to fall back on a referenced, certified and labelled provider because –   as respectful and serious clients know it – co-responsibility will be, more than ever, implemented.

But one thing is for sure: if it is not deregulation, it is an ongoing revolution for the private security sector! In this respect, nothing new at BSL!